Day 4 at Vancouver Fashion Week SS20

Vancouver Fashion Week SS20 – Oct 7th-13th 2019 – Day 4

From dark as night blacks to romantic florals, Thursdaynight was a night to remember with a stand-out array of eclectic collections.

LaSelle College Vancouver show cased multiple S/S20 collections as a group, with their works complemented by striking videography. Audience members were treated to the creative designsofUnderground Underdogs, Aqua Eduardo, Rapture Razane, Misled Confusion, Crashed, and Gravity. Eachcollection was a branch of the designer’s personalities—infused with different interpretations and colourpalettes. From the punk rock style of UndergroundUnderdogs and the eccentric visuals of MisledConfusion and Crashed, LaSelle College introduced the fourth day on the runway and they did not disappoint.

Ellen Wise’s latest collection high lighted the designer’s expertise for handcrafted elevated haute couture.Femininity dominated the runway in Wise’s collection Color, Music and Lightwhich transported the audience to a utopian baroque paradise. While maintaining a rich opulence, Color, Music and Light also encompassed an easy breezy island vibe. Models adorned in ornate and meticulously tailored gownsfluttered down the runway with metallic shimmers beaming like rays of light.

Stirred by the breath taking ceiling of the Opera Garnier painted by legendary Marc Chagil famed for his brilliant use of color,EllenWiselead the audience down a psychedelic stroll through the gardens of Versailles. Stunning silk, tullesand lace created a bursting vibrant garden that was the perfect combination of romance, whimsy andfemininity.Drawing inspiration from her own life experiences, former model and current fashion design studentArtemisia Hwangbrings a collection brimming with darkness and drama.

Focusing on texture andstructured design, Artemisia’s SS20 collection is composed entirely of dramatic black pieces, save for onestunning ruby red dress at the center of the collection. The dark colours combined with light and airy chiffontouches create a beautiful symmetry between rigid darkness and light femininity. Artemisia’s use of texturedfabrics and inclusion of leather, chiffon, wool and velour evoked a desire to reach out and touch theexquisite pieces.Seyit Ares’ collection made an electrifying entrance, starting off with a model adorning a long silver metalliccoat whipping her belt on the stage.

Bondage wrap-style dresses, a tutu, one shoulder jumpsuits, andsparkles cascaded down therunway. The designs’ unpredictability drew everyone in as the metallic pinksand silvers flowed into metallic blues and sparkles. When two models walked side-by-side in invertedcolours of the same look, it proved Seyit Ares’ creativity was set to shine through until the last strut.

Raw, Fragile, Honest, and Loving these are some of the words to describe
Diana Rikasari’s collection J’Aime l’Autisme. Rikasari’s son has autism and her collection is a reflection of how she interprets how autistic people feel how fragile their feelings are, yet how they are some of the brightest people you will meet. Rikasari’s collection was filled with sheer and tex tured fabrics used to demonstrate the fragility of autism while also incorporating strong silhouettes to create a meaningful piece of work. Models’ faces were
painted blue with colourful printed pieces, some with even dramatic designs like hearts hanging from around the neck. They almost resembled superheroes on the runway.

Bulgarian based designer Femmka showcased her S/S20 collection, which featured minimal billowy looks. Femmka believes fashion designs are
a game between two main players — imagination and inspiration. Her
collection consisted of black and white linen fabrics, draped over the models’ shoulders and finished with gladiator sandals. The looks are freedom inspired, free from form fitting clothing standards, and breezy.
Most of the pieces had between two to five pockets, and in a light colour palette of white, black, and olive green Frankfurt based designer Lea Shweinfurth has been challenging the fashion industry by bringing togethersustainable values with her contemporary cheeky vision.

NOT_A_STUDIO burst onto the runway withcreativity and fun. Models morphed the space into a powerful platform for the practice of sustainablefashion with a playful display of the universality of each piece as textile jewellery. Founded on the notion ofrecycle and reuse, NOT_A_STUDIO’s clothes are made from disposed garments from TexAid–one of Germany’s largest textile separating plants and manufactured to stand the test of time. Each piece iscrafted to be a timeless staple to be worn on top of clothes as accessories.

Shweinfurth’s collection broughtto the forefront creativity and individualistic expression with pieces that are gender and size inclusive thatfunction as add-on apparel. The future is here.Love is universal. That is the message carried byGolden Skyy’sSS20 collection. Filled with rich jeweltones, black , silver and gold, the collection transports onlookers to another planet with its futuristic designs.With pieces for both men and women, from comfortable leggings and sweaters to metallic jumpsuits andevening gowns, This collection has something for everyone, including the monogrammed overnight bag topack your next look! Whether you’re off to work in one of their black and gold jumpsuits, complete withgolden hard hat, or intergalactic royalty on the way to the ball, Golden Skyy has you covered! As the showcomes to an end, models hold up signs that read ‘love wins’ and passed out roses to audience members,driving home the message behind the designs.

CHIDO was founded by designer Chido Dimairo with the intention to share her Zimbabwe-New Zealandupbringing. CHIDO produces ethical and affordable luxury garments, and presented a beach/resort wearline for her S/S20 collection. Her eco-friendly outfits used playful rompers and knit sweaters for laid-backlooks. Focussing on earthy tones, CHIDO presented seafoam greens, light blues, and whites, with stripesand straw hats. From Zimbabwe origin, chido means “love, desire and wish.”Who said comfortable clothing can’t be stylish and chic?

Brunette the Labelembodies the ‘cool girl’ withtheir trademark being sweatshirts saying Brunette and Blonde or effortless plaid pants. Miriam Alde founded the brand over 10years ago with their flagship right here in Vancouver. Her mission is to changethe meaning of the word “babe” to something positive demonstrating loving yourself and spreadingkindness, which in fact represents the babes supporting babes mentality behindthe brand. Brunette theLabel showcased their collab with popular brand Juicy Couture at Vancouver fashion week, with hip musicand cooler than ever models; the brand truly expresses the perfect fun and fearless lifestyle initiative righthere in our backyard.

Latin American designer Maria Venturini set the stage for romance with a seductive collection of perfectlytailored soft pieces made to celebrate the female form. A monochromatic blush army marched the runwaywith designs defined by their fluidity and movement that crashed the stage like waves hugging the shore.TheSoft Whispercollection drew from nature and used a blooming rose as its muse. A range of texturesand silhouettes in the most perfect blush nudes were often accentuated with glints of glam with metallicmirror accents in rose gold and gold. Venturini offers a subtle ode to all that is womanhood