Day 5 at Vancouver Fashion Week SS20

Vancouver Fashion Week SS20 – Oct 7th-13th 2019 – Day 5

Friday night brought collections from all corners of the world from Bolivia to New Zealand with inspirations just as creative as their designs.

British luxury handbag designer Miss Woods creates limited edition handbags made from Italian leather with 18K gold hardware and precious stone accents. The SS20 collection from Miss Woods features Gold and diamond accents and soft suede linings. These details, combined with classic neutral colours and a trendy aqua blue option, come together to create a beautiful collection of timeless pieces. The white backdrop with black logo and models dressed in solid neutrals leave the focus of the show on the beautiful collection of bags. With a small crossbody option along with medium and large sized handbags, the Miss
Woods SS20 collection provides elegant options for every event.

FiFi X embraced spring with playful florals in their UNCONDITIONAL S/S20 womens and menswear collection. The male models sported florals in bomber jackets and dress shirts, while the women wore peplum and form fitting dresses. The men’s dress shirts featured blue and red floral patterned sleeves, with a matching pocket. FiFi X mixed bright colours — dark blues, oranges, and reds — throughout the looks to accentuate statement pieces.

In the first of a quintet of Bolivian brands to showcase at VFW, Diabla
opened the runway with a fashion line inspired by Bolivian traditions, folklore and heritage. With a focus on creating pieces for the modern woman, Diabla’s handmade garments seamlessly blend traditional style with modern functionality. The SS20 collection is filled with beautiful and delicate beading, dazzling fringe and elegant silk and chiffon pieces. The traditional music playing transports onlookers to the Bolivian village where the clothing is created. Diabla’s use of rich jewel tones and shimmering gold lends the collection an undeniable elegance about it. With pants and jackets, evening gowns and shawls all complemented by matching accessories from hand bags to hair pieces and beautifully beaded shoes, Diabla’s SS20 collection has all the pieces a woman needs to complete a fashionable look. What reasons do we have to be brave?

Shined on the screen for Carla Quiroga’s introduction. The next Bolivia based brand gave the runway a taste of South American style – accented with tassels and ombré effects. Carla Quiroga’s womenswear and menswear was starting with the intention to produce apparel made in Bolivia, in support of the Bolivian labour market. The S/S20 collection mainly consisted of lightweight knits and netting, featuring skirt s and pants with a flare we usually see on salsa dancers. The looks infused pastel colours of pinks, purples, mint green, light orange and green, with knitted handbags to match.

As Bolivia continued to reign on the runway, La Paz based brand La Espina, founded by Vania Rodriguez in 2014, brought ethical fashion to Friday’s show. The native Aymara people live in the high plateaus of the Andes where they worship gods of the earth, wind, and skies . Alax Pacha told the Aymara idea of a “world above” of deities, divine consciousness, and purity. Models walked barefoot as if touching holy ground. Rodriguez clearly envisioned a young, innocent woman: a white laced dress; a golden pencil skirt; floral headbands. Her most dramatic look ended the train of angelic beings: a beige vinyl jacket with an upturned collar that brought you back down to earth with a touch of defiance.

NARDA Bolivian Handmade presented a captivating collection of luxury handmade shoes. The To Be Seen collection could not be missed. Handcrafted in Bolivia, each piece was a statement of individualistic
expression. Inspired by the Panthera Onca or Jaguar that inhabits the Bolivian Amazon. In nature, the Jaguar camouflages itself with rose spots to blend into its jungle habitat. The collection was defined by its refined palette of pinks, nudes and greens. Hints of metallic made up of engraved beef leather meant to mimic jaguar spots refused to blend in with the crowd. A contemporary twist on classic oxford s, platforms and pumps that were eloquent yet unapologetic.

Xammy Vergara and Dominique Couture presented a chic and effortless aesthetic dripping with elegance. Oversized tee’s and denim dominated the runway. The standout piece was the black printed ly cra bodysuit paired with a red patent leather skirt that had chain button details; the look was brought together with a leather belt.

Doxa specializes in a modern revisioning of leather goods. New Zealand based publication Apparel magazine, in partnership with Vancouver ashion Week brings collections from three New Zealand based designers for the SS20 season.

Aurora Mayari, JIMI and PERA MAY each presented their SS20 collections, all of which are composed of striking details and bold designs. Aurora Mayari’s patchwork, billowing dresses that pair contrasting textures and colours, JIMI’s bold black and white leather accented pieces in styles for both men and women with complementary backpacks and PERA MAY’s bold, bright blocks of colour and fun patterns, Apparel magazine treats Vancouver to a beautiful collection of New Zealand design’s work The Bolivian duo of Marco Gutiérrez and Daniel Ghetti and their label, Papingo Maminga , are challenging the way Bolivians dress. Their journey to Vancouver played on screen: from dressmaking to visa applications, to flights. A top with an enlarged Bolivian passport print announced their arrival. Kitsch, 80s colour, and rainbow bands wrapped around sleeves and pant legs morphed into a hybrid line of high street and modern fashion. In the middle of the collection was a shift to cocktail gowns and Royal Ascot dresses.

They closed with a homage to Bolivia: postcards of tourist attractions were tacked to form a jacket and long hemline skirt. Niusha Mogharebi walked out with her toddler son for her curtain call her statement to everyone that “kids are the saviours of our next generation”.

Newshaw Designs was born out of a dream to bring love, peace and unity into the world. What looked like paint strokes from afar were drawings of birds perched atop tree branches. Incorporated into each look was a piece of this print on white fabric. Red, yellow, and green in neural hues complimen ted each other towards a vibrant palette. Mogharebi’s designs were classic: asymmetric skirts, off shoulder blouses, and flared sleeves. Her collection a reminder that sometimes less is more.

KRAFT CORRIDOR presented their S/S20 collection, showcasing the Indian town of Lucknow’s signature chikan embroidery on the runway. All of their pieces are hand sewn. The looks’ hues of earthy tones and ocean blues graced audiences and gave them insight into the beautiful intricate works of hand embroidery. From two piece coordinates, to robes, to dresses, KRAFT CORRIDOR is a perfect combination of indigenous skills and modern ingenuity.

Myrthe van der Leden is only 21 years old but showed her maturity in the interpretation of North Korean culture through the eyes of Western society. United by black and blood red, Coup D’etat had range: a vegan leather jacket; a wool coat; a corset dress. A very sharp, pointedshoulder black jacket vampiric in nature was her experimental look. Her craftsmanship in hand painting and layering were evident in the details. Long and thin tree branches that looked like veins were extended across her pieces. An expert in patchwork , van der Leden had sown white panels of fabric with Korean characters onto the garments.

In your face minimalism. Mondame brought the drama to VFW. Visionaries Léakhéna OUM and Angélica ESTRADA’s Mondame Is Coming boldly broke down conventional dress codes and challenged gender norms to offer an individualistic blend of gender diversity and unisex fashion. Inspired by the movement in the 80’s, Mondame featured a revision of modern unisex interpretations, with structured looks born out of the chaos of Parisian metro crowds. Each silhouette featured raw lines, in neutral tones.

Mondame had fun with the shapes and textiles by using oversized sleeves. Dropped shoulders and straight wool coats stormed the runway in statement pieces that created a buzz while managing to be nonchalant. Chic draping and oversized unisex peices offered ful l transparency on the runway. Toying with the contrasts between chic and urban left the audience questioning the contraction of Monsieur and Madame. Mondame was squad goals.

Ring the alarm. Vancouver based designer Jerome Mendoza, showcased a collection that drew inspiration from the disaster of oil spills on the ocean and the thrill of deep sea diving. The collection featured high necks, layers and printed denim. Mendoza lifted the audience to cloud nine with his printed cloud denim and elevated designs featuring clever but strategic cut outs. Gold hardware also made an appearance on the runway in the show on a pair of shorts, along with a shimmering velvet grey high low dress. The collection standout was a grey double slit dress that moved with the same fluidity of soft ocean waves. Gentle and delicate juxtapositioned with hardware details. Expect the unexpected.

New York based fashion brand Claire Elisabeth Designs wants to give women confidence and accentuate their bodies. When the only runway show with a country soundtrack kick started, Claire Elisabeth’s Designs’ elegant S/S20 collection exuded confidence. The most notable feat ures were open back dresses, slits, and strapless tops. A light colour palette playing with tulle and satin, sparkling embellishments, and long tassels were the staples of the collection. A model twirled in her knee length tassel skirt to woo the audience. Inspired by the NYC’s fast pace and the relaxed lifestyle of Texas, Claire Elisabeth’s S/S20 collection transitioned from structured looks to flowing gown.